For over 25 years, we have proudly led the diamond and gemstone manufacturing and trading industry and set new standards in these areas by offering world-class products. offers you personalized gold and diamond jewelry and spectacular and original designs. With us, each piece of jewelry is a unique work of art that will allow you to express yourself exactly the way you would most like.

International level suppliers

Over the years, we have supplied premium quality jewelery to stores all over the world – from our prestigious Crown Plaza Hotel in Tel Aviv to a wide range of gemstone suppliers to jewelery makers around the world. All our supplies and jewelery are first-hand and using the highest quality raw materials Available.

Tailor-made to your taste and budget

We have a wide supply of quality raw materials and all of our knowledge, experience and talent we place at your service.
wishing to give you everything it takes to fit your dream piece of jewelry. from a wild idea to your a finished product. We want to allow a wide range of consumers to enjoy our quality products.  so, we make every effort to tailor the jewelry to your budget, starting from $ 150 to the limit of your imagination and capabilities or desire.

In order to enjoy the luxury jewelry that is precisely designed for your preferences and needs and with full responsibility for life, we invite you to contact us today and share your dreams, or reach us at our office at the Ramat-Gan Diamond Exchange or at our Boutique in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tel-Aviv. We are confident we will be able to customize the dream jewel for you too.

We invite you to us

The fact that you can purchase diamonds directly provides significant costs savings and still keeping the highest quality of a diamond and gem jewelry to be within your reach.

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